About us

About us

The Mediterranean Hight School is located at “Les Berges du Lac de Tunis” in a stand-out modern complex. MFS is accredited by the Tunisian CAA and the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment for training in the fields of aeronautic.

With a fleet of New modern aircraft and one of the most experienced instructing teams, the Mediterranean Flight School will be for sure the ‘Trainer of Choice’ for those cadets heading towards an aeronautical career.

Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results; by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and most importantly delivering satisfaction to the customer in an efficient and affordable manner.

Located on the shores of “Les Berges du Lac1”, the Mediterranean Flight School guarantees its students a calm and pleasant studying environment, close to downtown Tunis, with easy access to the different public transportation services ensuring students’ transit.
The M.F.S is equipped with fully computerized classrooms, a library, and all facilities necessary to its students’ accomplishment.
The Tozeur international airport is at the students’ disposal to best ensure flight schedules as well as simulation rooms that are crucial to an optimal training.

In a highly competitive market environment, the M.F.S has adopted a Quality policy aiming at satisfying its clients with maximum security and safety. Our quality policy hovers around optimizing material means, crew competencies and motivation, great internal management and the primacy of regulations.


Mediterranean Flight School offers a comprehensive range of courses, addressing both the public and private sectors of aeronautic.
The pilot training complies with the European education standards: JAR-FCL Examinations
(Joint Aviation Requirements-Flight Crew Licensing).
The school also trains technicians and assistants in aerospace technology to the benefit of airlines, national and foreign organizations.


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Our licenses are recognized by:

Tunisian Civil Aviation Authority  ICAO

(International Civil Aviation Organisation 

EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)