ATPL Integrated

Airline Transport Pilot License


ATPL is the highest level of airplane or helicopter pilot’s license. It is essential to the exercise of the airline pilot profession.

The integrated ATPL is the most direct and fastest way to become an airline pilot. It prepares an ab-initio co-pilot on airliner.

The theoretical ATPL license is an intensive theoretical ground school which lasts 9 months, representing at least 755 hours of ground classes. 14 subjects will be taught during this period by instructors’ specialists in their field. The goal is to give you a culture and aeronautical knowledge in the daily work of an airline pilot.

Each license (PPL private pilot / CPL commercial pilot license / IR instrument rating) includes a practical and a theoretical part.

By getting your ATPL theory, you will not have to pass the theory of various aviation licenses because ATPL theory acts for PPL CPL and IR

Theoretical courses: 755 hours. (Besides English)

Practical training CPL/IR: It includes 200 flight hours (not including class rating), part of which will be performed on simulator FNPT II (maximum 45H).

  • Hold a valid class 1 medical certificate
  • Hold a baccalaureate degree mathematical section or experimental sciences or technical or equivalent foreign degree
  • Be 18 years old

ATPL theoretical 14 months and about 16 months commercial pilot license with IFR qualification

The pilot career path generally runs as follows: We start co-pilot on short and medium haul, then we became co-pilot on long haul, captain on short and medium haul and then captain on long-haul.


Theoretical Aptitude ATPL
Airline Transport Pilot License


International Certification


Start session


30 months


Theoretical :
755 H – Tunis


200 H


C.Medical:Classe 1 +18