Instrument Rating

This prepares to fly the aircraft without looking outside the cockpit (flying under IMC (Instrument Meteorological Condition), leading to the award of the flight instrument rating [instrument flight rules].

In a professional context, the IR -ME qualification (Multi Engine) is essential to the transport pilot. The aim of the IR training is to enable the trainee to achieve a necessary level of skill to fly airplanes Multi –Engine with IFR and IMC (Instrument Meteorological Condition).

The Training is done on both aircraft and FNPT II simulator, for the case of Mediterranean Flight School the course is done on TECNAM P2006T and ALX (Alsim simulator).

Theoretical courses: 280 H.

Practical training PPL: 50 H of flight hours (excluding class rating), part of which can be performed on simulator FNPT II (max. 35 H)

  • Hold a valid class 1 medical certificate.
  • Hold a baccalaureate degree mathematical section or experimental sciences or technical or equivalent foreign degree.
  • Hold a valid private pilot license including a night training flight or a valid commercial pilot’s license.

Average: 05 months.

Lets Fly IFR by almost all the time without distance limitation, with pay, with passengers on board, and even abroad if you are the holder of the English exam.


Theoretical Aptitude IR
Instrument Rating


International Certification


Start session


05 months


Theoretical :
280 H – Tunis


Practical :
50 H 


C.Medical : Classe 1
Bac M – S – T – I
Licence PPL or CPL